envolver regalo para caballero

Bien well, right, else;.
O edit.
Efecto effect; con in fact.
Alto high, tall, loud.Añadidura addition; por in addition.Oficio office, employment, probabilidad ganar primitiva trade, divine service.Titular to entitle, call.Peregrino strange, rare; pilgrim.Poco little, few; regalo spotify a soon, translate ganas de estudiar in a little while.Contener to contain, repress.Copper coinage of the Spanish realm.
Remover to move, stir.
Causa-habientes ( legal ) the parties concerned.Barranco ravine; barranquillo (dim.).Soltero -a bachelor, unmarried person.Regalar to regale, please, present.All proper names have been explained, with the exception of a few too well known or too insignificant to justify comment.Acaso perhaps, by chance.Q edit qué what, how.Callar to keep silence, to pass over in silence,.Traidor, -a traitorous, traitor.Hollar to trample, tread.