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This student and drinking song Ponié ponié poniassa ( Anstich-Lieder, Meyer 1901, first edition) contains all the regalos geek buenos aires targeted components re score and lyrics.
A 1918 German article (Georg Schläger) discusses among others how one of the possibly related standard elements of Ging Gang (corresponding to watcha) might be traced back a couple of centuries to an interchange of student and children songs/rhymes.Paolo coelho am ufer des rio pieldra saß ich und weinte.Use their complete statement?Consequently, all the intentions and activities attributed to RB-P regarding this song would be considered void.Finally, it seems the wikipedia article is now due for thorough revamping.The musical relatives of the song often have three common denominators: the melody, the concepts oompah and goolie or their equivalents.And English is not our mother tongue.There are so many Wikipedia mirror-sites around now, that I'd suggest any re-vamp should happen as soon as possible.(This 1896 song version was performed in Germany nearly a quarter of a century before the alleged song writer Baden Powell and the scouting world had its 1920 International Jamboree.) ( talk ) 15:36, (UTC) Early cousin presence in UK edit It is interesting that.At least not.
Wikipedia has a no original research policy, so we need some reliable references.
Mid, this article has been rated.Org and m and some other places that seem to be hubs on song culture, told them the gist of this Talk and invited them here.For readability and to speed up publication I choose plain text.I would certainly appreciate contributions on that subject.We (at our age: 64) actually do not see much use in building an article somewhere on the web with same content and then copying it, using it as "secondary reference".

It shows what is song gibberish Thus the lyrics facilitate discussion and illustrate the style.
The Wikipedia article also includes reference to "The Leader" 1991 and the author.
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