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The Galgo appears to cupon descuento el corte ingles online have developed first in the Castillian plains, both in the north (Valladolid, Zamora, Ávila Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Burgos and Palencia) and the south (Toledo, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Madrid and Ciudad Real) of Castilla.
In the first years of the 20th century, large scale crossbreeding occurred between the Galgo and the English Greyhound in order to ritual para ganar la loteria mhoni vidente create faster dogs for professional track racing.Exercise This is a hunting dog that needs extensive amounts of exercise.At this time, it is considered a noble dog, and kept mainly by aristocracy, both in the Christian and the Muslim Kingdoms in which the Spanish territory was still divided at the time.These dogs must run regularly to keep in perfect health, combined with their characteristic tendency to sleep all the rest of the day.More than 90 of Galgos can be considered cat-friendly and are therefore an ideal choice for the hound lover casi siempre tengo ganas de llorar who also owns cats.Although the breed did not apparently experience any significant change in the 18th and 19th centuries, and was kept in its vocation as a swift hunting dog, maybe the most telling proverb which mentions the Galgo, is the one dating from the first years.Main colors are "barcino" or "atigrado" (brindle "negro" (black "barquillo golden "tostado toasted "canela" (cinnamon "amarillo yellow "rojo red "blanco" (white "berrendo" (white with patches) or "pío" (any colour with white muzzle and forehead).En sus corrales, en sus zulos, sus métodos de entrenamientos, los maltratos a que les someten y su nulo bienestar.It is likely that the Galgo and Sloughi were interbred at this period.In the Cartuario of Slonza we can read a will written in Villacantol, in which, using an odd mixture of Latin and Spanish, the Mayor Gutiérrez bequeaths a Galgo to Diego Citid in the year 1081: "Urso galgo colore nigro ualente caetum sólidos dae argento.Cabe destacar que fue el pasado día 9 de febrero cuando un grupo de voluntarios dedicados a asistir a perros abandonados encontró el cadáver de un galgo.
Wpdreams_ajaxsearchlite Don't see the breed your're looking for?This certainly affected the purity of the breed, the resulting dogs were just a bit faster, but did lose their long-distance-running abilities.The Spanish word for all kinds of Greyhounds - including the Galgo - is "lebrel which means "harrier" or "dog for chasing hares since "liebre" is Spanish for hare.Afinar Búsqueda, anuncios de Perros Galgo al mejor precio.Queremos un control exhaustivo sobre los galgueros y cazadores y sobre sus perros.(60 - 70 cm).Para el pueblo de Portillo de Toledo, y [email protected] como, ayuntamiento, un privilegio haber podido representar como Alcalde a [email protected] vecin @s en este acto en el que se ponía en valor a una gran marca a nivel ya no sólo nacional, sino internacional como.They seem to fly".

Sobre este asunto, BaasGalgo ha emitido un comunicado asegurando que este caso de maltrato animal ya ha sido denunciado ante la Guardia Civil y la Consejería de Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Rural de Castilla-La Mancha.
Personality Galgos have a very similar nature to Greyhounds.