All at fairly affordable price points.
They sell everything from Latin American crafts, scarves, necklaces and sunglasses to pirated music and movies.Offering fans a host of fun and exciting ways to collect, wear and play an array of exclusive retail offerings inspired by the upcoming film.Enough to make you pretty damn mad at El Corte Inglés.Shoes Zapatos If there's one thing Spaniards can't get enough of it's shoes.Here you will find mainly stamps and coins, but other items codigos promocionales hoteles confortel such as pins, semi-precious stones, antique watches, military medals and even phone cards (yes, they collect those, too!).DC Super Hero and the, justice League with an impressive range of product offerings, including toys, collectibles, apparel, accessories, publishing, home décor, and much more.There are 3 malls which I know of, or at least can recommend if you need to go: Plaza de Armas, located in the old Córdoba Train station across from the bus station this is the smallest of the bunch but the easiest to get.I must confess I have a weak spot for these stores and have a hard time not descuentos para estudiantes en españa wandering in off the street.
Decathlon Camas (outside of Seville) Web A large sporting goods store which has just about everything you could want: bikes, camping gear, exercise equipment, etc.
La Campana Confiteria Calle Sierpes / La Campana Web Perhaps the most famous of all of the coffee and pastry shops in Seville, situated perfectly in the plaza known as La Campana, in the middle of the shopping district.
Carolina Herrera Plaza Nueva Web The well known Venezuelan fashion designer is based out of New York, but her international fame has reached to Seville.If you can get out of the center than head to Leroy Merlin, which is so similar to Home Depot that I thought I was back in the states on my first visit.(Yes, people still purchase music from time to time).Mercadona, a large supermarket, on the bottom floor.Common goods from Africa are leather bags, belts, and drums as well as some jewelry, scarves are other clothing.

Most of you know what you get with Ikea - modern furniture at bargain prices because you must spend hours and hours putting it together with a hex wrench and perhaps a screwdriver.
While many of the offerings are of lesser quality and certainly not antiques, you can find a number of items which fit the category and maybe even come away with a steal.
The other end of Sierpes and Tetuan leads to La Campana and Plaza del Duque, where El Corte Inglés is located.