tener ganas de infinitive

Again, we look at only the whole phrase.
Tener expressions, in English we say that we are regalo animales tarragona hungry or we are hot, using a form of "to Be".
Do you feel like dancing?Tener hambre (to be descuentos promocionales alsa hungry) Él tiene hambre.Tener hambre to be hungry, tener interés to be interested.He has to study.4) To express sensations In order to express a sensation, use tener noun.Hay que infinitive edit, hay que infinitive-It is obligatory to do something.Note: The verb "ganar" means to earn, to win, or to gain.Conjugating the Present Tense of, tener : Yo tengo, i have.
Tener prisa to be in a hurry, tener razón to be right (correct no tener razón to be wrong).
Tener suerte (to be lucky) Tengo mucha como ganar en bolsa gta 5 suerte.
We have, vosotros teneis, you (all) have, ustedes tienen.From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.Tener ganas de edit Tener: to have Tener ganas de: to want to, to feel like Tengo ganas de ir al parque.Tener miedo to be afraid, tener sed to be thirsty, tener sueño to be sleepy.Tener miedo (to be scared) Ellos tienen miedo.In this learn Spanish grammar lesson, we go over the Spanish verb ".

Tener sed (to be thirsty) Tenemos sed.
Here are some examples: Tener calor (to be hot) Tengo calor.
Por ejemplo: Acabo de ir al cine.